Are you an entrepreneur with a fantastic product or service?

Do you love what you do? But dread the moment when you have to go out and pitch to clients?

Or maybe you don't dread it but would really like to improve your skills.

After this complimentary training session you you will have three techniques to positively impact your ability to connect, influence and lead your audience to where you'd like them to be.

Over three easy to remember steps you'll learn how to A.C.E pitches.

A = Awareness
Awareness of how you do and can use your body to positively impact your voice & your audience.

C = Connect
Connect to your audience using your body & voice.

E = Engagement
Engage your audience from start to finish will a clear purpose and strong connection.

Once you see, hear and feel the impact of the training, you have the option to book the six week training and coaching programme Pitching Confidence, book 1:1 coaching or request a Clarity Call (via the Coaching Page) to determine the best next steps for your development.

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Emma has made me realise (and analyse!) just how important good communication is to us all, in all walks of life. I could not recommend her highly enough…”

Hi I’m Emma,

I am the founder, creator and senior coach of Speaking at Work. Welcome to our virtual training and coaching space. I started this company after working in the corporate space for 10 years growing a small business. I loved it and regularly spoke to large audiences, headed up pitches for significant business and coached our clients on how to present. I was a confident speaker, in fact I loved speaking in front of an audience. Then I had a career break when my children were born and gradually that confidence leaked away - my voice began to disappear. So, me being me, I enrolled in a 1-year, full-time Masters in Voice, at Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. It was transformative. I rediscovered my voice and with it a passion for helping others find and use theirs to maximise their potential, take up opportunities they are turning away and helping businesses get their message out there. I love being able to combine the development of the individual with a wider business strategy. 

We offer training and coaching at all levels of development; if you can’t find what you are looking for, give us a call and I am sure we can start creating the right course for your team.